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  Children's consignment sales - Ventura County, CA



Children's Consignment Sales - Ventura County, CA

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Kids Consignment 4 You's Spring 2012 sale will be at the Ventura County Fairgrounds

 MARCH 2-4, 2012

Registration is OPEN!!

Consignors have until Mon., March 1 at 5 p.m. to register, enter items, & print tags.

We believe that through our sale we can do

"the best for our kids and the environment...for less!"

Sell, Buy and/or Donate "gently-used" kids’ things
Kids Consignment 4 You offers one-stop shopping for kids at "bargain basement" prices! Not only can you pick up absolutely unbelievable deals, you can have someone else advertise, display, and sell the things that your children have outgrown or grown tired of; and you can get at least 65% of the profit without even being there!  With our twice yearly kids consignment sale, you can easily clear out the clutter from your home and make cash!  Get paid to “recycle” your children’s previously-loved items & shop without guilt!! What better way to save money and improve the environment, than consigning and shopping with Kids Consignment 4 You. 

We understand that parents need an affordable place to stock up on clothes and toys for holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and their everyday needs without skimping on quality.  Parents also need a more lucrative alternative to getting rid of their “previously loved” items.  Let’s face it, garage sales and selling back to consignment stores just don’t cut it.  You might get back 5% of the original purchase price, and in the case of a garage sale, you’ve wasted a lot of time and energy, for what?  No more…Why is our sale the best way to sell your kids' stuff?

Easily Sell and/or Donate your old items

  • Simply price your items

  • Drop them off at our sale, and we'll do the selling for you
  • You'll earn 65-80% on what we sell
  • And we'll send you a check within 2 weeks!

It's that easy - Click here to become a Seller

Get Bargains on gently-used items

  • Buy merchandise in excellent condition

  • Find designer and brand name products at 50-90% below retail on items such as:
  • Clothing for infant through pre-teen sizes

  • Strollers, high chairs, furniture

  • Sandboxes, wagons, bikes, scooters

  • All kinds of toys, books, computer games, action figures...And a lot more!

  • Shop with confidence in an organized retail environment with great inventory at unbelievable prices.  We guarantee you won't go home empty-handed and once you participate in one sale, you'll be hooked!

  • Bring your own reusable bags to use at the cash register to bring purchases home.  Help us reduce the number of plastic bags that eventually end up in the oceans.

It's all here - Click here to learn more

How does selling and buying used products help the environment?The environment weighs heavy on everyone’s minds today, especially on parents who wonder what kind of future their children will have.  Kids Consignment 4 You has preservation of the environment in mind.  We want to make the most of our reusable resources by giving people who might not otherwise have the opportunity, the chance to “recycle” clothing, toys, shoes, etc. that their children once loved.

Buying and selling used products benefit the environment in a number of ways.  As a consignor your unwanted items will no longer occupy precious landfill space or increase the earth’s carbon emissions as they are incinerated.  As a shopper, you are choosing to buy a used product rather than a new one, which, depending on the manufacturing process of the new product, significantly reduces the strain on the environment that the manufacturing of new goods causes.  By  bringing your own reusable bags for checkout you are reducing the amount of plastic bags that are used which ultimately harm the environment.  Visit our "Greening It Forward" tab if you would like more detailed information on the positive effects of the resale industry on the environment.



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Green it forward.  Shrink your carbon footprint.

Buy, Sell, and Volunteer with Kids Consignment 4 You!


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Kids Consignment 4 You is a public consignment / resale sale held twice a year offering parents the chance to buy and sell gently-used children's goods. Sellers who consign clean out their homes and make back some money for items they no longer need for their children. Buyers at our sale have the opportunity to purchase quality kids products in great condition and at fractions of their new prices. Held in Ventura County (about 60 miles north of Los Angeles), in the fall and spring, the consignment sale reaches to parents in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Camarillo, and in the Conejo Valley in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, and Newbury Park.